About Lunicore

In 2002, two students were looking around the Skåne region. Inspired by Lund University's history of innovation, with inventions such as ultrasound diagnostics and Bluetooth technology behind them, they decided to leave their mark as well. This became the foundation of Lunicore.

Lunicore - Our company


Lunicore is a limited company run by students with Lund University as the majority owner. With a turnover of about 4-6 million SEK, we are a thriving and successful company driven by a common set of values: drive, professionalism and innovative thinking. These values guide everything we do and enable us to consistently deliver high quality consulting services to our clients.

Our team consists of 60 highly skilled and motivated people, with a variety of educational backgrounds and experiences. This diversity allows us to approach problems and challenges from multiple angles, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous development. Thank you for considering Lunicore as your consulting partner. We look forward to working with you and achieving your goals.

Business idea

Lunicore's business concept is to offer companies and organizations in Skåne qualified and cost-effective consulting services performed by students at Lund University.


Lunicore's vision is to expand the business and continuously engage more and more students and disciplines to more and more companies and other organizations throughout Skåne. We are the main catalyst to the future. For students who want more.


Lunicore's mission is to be a link between students at LU, business and public activities in Skåne, and to contribute to innovation in companies and organizations. We give students the tools and courage to cultivate their future ambitions, through value-creating collaborations with Southern Sweden's business community.

Value words

Lunicore has three values that permeate everything we do and how we work.

1) Drive - We love challenges, we are curious and love high but realistic goals.
2) Professionalism - We communicate clearly, with high transparency and deliver as promised.
3) Innovation - We are entrepreneurial, enterprising and see opportunities rather than obstacles.

"Not too long ago, in the heart of an academically thriving Lund, two students decided to do something innovative."

Founded in 2002 - Our history


When Lunicore started, the idea was that it would be an initiative by students, for students. It was then a few people at the School of Economics in Lund who created Lunicore as an economic association, with the basic idea of offering their own skills to the business community and to complement the university's various programs on a practical level.

Lunicore, whose name actually comes from "Lund UNIversity COmpetence by REquest", was then run entirely on a voluntary basis by a small team consisting mainly of students from the economics program.

Since the start in 2002, a lot has happened in the business, not least the incorporation that took place in 2009, when LU Holding AB chose to become the main owner, with 90%, and Lunicore was transformed into a limited company.

Generations of people have managed, run and developed the business over the years and thanks to all their efforts, Lunicore has now reached a size of over 60 employees, representing more than 30 different educational backgrounds and an annual turnover of over 4.2 million SEK.

It is fascinating that an organization, despite a constant turnover of individuals, can expand in such a way and still maintain its core. Because in some amazing way, Lunicore has stood firmly on a foundation that represents both the heart of the internal organization and the quality of the external delivery, all these years. But the reason for this is simple: it is the people in the organization who have always delivered, have wanted to learn and support each other and at the same time had the will to always be there for the good of the organization. Leaving a functioning and well-organized business to those who come after has been a driving force for many of our representatives, which has benefited Lunicore very well over the years.