The importance of adapting to technological trends - Meet Albin!

Hi Albin! Can you introduce yourself briefly?

Hello!!! My name is Albin Olsson Glad, 24 years old, and comes from Helsingborg. I am a lively and energetic guy who in my free time plays padel, is out with friends in the running track (but also at home on the couch playing playstation). 

What is your best trick for a successful AW?

Sneak in a classic pop song every twenty minutes. After a while, even the most tired dancing feet will get going! 

What are you studying at Lund University and what does your education entail?

I am in my last semester of the System Science Bachelor Program, which means that I can soon call myself a ready-made IT generalist who knows a little about a lot! In our education, we get the more practical part of IT and technology in the form of programming, database management and system planning. The second half is more focused on organization, economy and leadership. The aim is to understand, explain and improve information systems and the activities around them. 

What made you apply for the position of Business Area Manager? 

I was early on interested in different types of technologies, programming languages and fascinated by how you could create such cool things by writing code. Ever since my student days, I have therefore strived to learn as much as I could in different technical areas at different workplaces combined with my studies. However, it is easy to end up very much in front of the computer and focused on the technology and a little less on the management part and getting to work among people, which my social self loves.

How do you see your role as Business Area Manager IT?

As Business Area Manager for IT, I try to ensure that the work between clients and consultants is as seamless as possible. I work a lot with customer contact, needs identification, project formulation and finally assigning our amazing consultants to projects. My key to making the puzzle come together is to have a good relationship and communication with all parties involved on a continuous basis.

What opportunities and needs do you see with the IT business area at Lunicore?

IT is generally an area that is constantly growing in line with new innovations, which means that it can feel like a full-time job in itself to keep up with the changes. The need I see in many companies is above all to get a clear picture of what it actually is that needs to be focused on purely to achieve the goals you expect. Sometimes it can be difficult in the sea of different technologies, systems and program languages to specify "What exactly do we need to do to get there?". Based on that, I see a very good opportunity to be able to contribute with sharp and fresh knowledge through our driven consultants who can provide valuable input in both strategic and practical steps in the processes required to achieve the result you really want.